Arc, you mess with the pixies, you get the sparkles!
— Pixie Queen to Arc

A Knight's Tail is the seventh episode of Season 1 of Knight Squad and the seventh overall. It first aired on March 31, 2018 to 0.94 million viewers.[1]



Ciara entrusts Arc with her Pixie Ring, which turns him into a hideous beast when he tests the ring's powers on himself; desperate to undo the curse, Ciara and Arc seek the help of the Pixie Queen, who reveals she has beef with Arc.[2]

Main Plot

During the Astorian Fish Gut Grab festival, The King asks The Princess to dip her arms into a rice pudding. So, Ciara transforms into the Princess and leaves her Pixie Ring with Arc so that it doesn't get wet. She tells Arc not to use the ring but she doesn't have time to explain. Arc disobeys her and uses the ring, hoping to turn into a prince but he turns into a hideous beast instead. He tries to reverse the transformation, but the ring stops working completely.

After the ceremony, The Princess is ready to transform back to Ciara but finds out that Arc destroyed the ring. She is very disappointed in Arc for not doing the one thing she asked him. She reveals that she had programmed the ring to stop working as a security feature in case the ring fell into the wrong hands. Now, the only way to get the ring fixed is by getting help from the Pixie Queen at the Pixie Crystal River. Since Arc knows the place, he accompanies the Princess.

On arriving at the Pixie Crystal River, they are happily welcomed by the Pixie Queen. The Pixie Queen assumes that the animal (Arc) is the Princess's pet. She is ready to help them... but then when The Princess mentions Arc's name, the Pixie Queen turns against them. She ties both the Princess and Arc to a tree using magical pixie ropes. She reveals that she and the pixie community have a beef with Arc because he took advantage of them and refused to honor his promise. It turns out that on his way to Astoria, Arc asked the pixies to give him food and in exchange he would lift the big tree log that had fallen on the pixie's village. The pixies gave him all the food they had but then he left them, found the Ogre and used his wagon to get to Knight School. The pixies have been angry, waiting for him all this time. It's time for revenge.

Arc offers to lift the log now and in return, Pixie Queen would let The Princess go unharmed. The Pixie Queen agrees and releases Arc. While, lifting the log, Arc has to fight off some dangerous dragonflies. He wins the fight and lifts the log, saving the Pixie village. She fixes the ring and refuses to fix Arc. However, both the Princess and the other pixies persuade her to transform Arc back to normal for being unselfish.

The Pixie Queen agrees and teleports both The Princess and Arc back to Knight School. The Princess is glad to be able to transform into Ciara again.

Sub Plot

In Astoria, there's a card game series called "Combat Cards." Each card has an image of a person or a creature. When two players place their cards on the table, the images on the cards come to life, battle each other to determine the winner. Prudence and Warwick love this game a lot. The last time they participated, they competed against each other, which ended up tearing their friendship apart for a while. After that, they made a "Phoenix Swear" to never play against each other again.

This time round, they team up with different people but they both end up losing against their opponents. But then, Sir Gareth introduces a new line of Combat Cards, featuring a special card with him as an unbeatable warrior back when he still had both arms. Everybody wants to get the Sir Gareth card. The cards are distributed randomly and Buttercup gets the Sir Gareth card. After noticing how both Prudy and Warwick want the card, Sage devises an evil plan to make Warwick and Prudy fight for the card. This would help tear the Phoenix Squad apart.

Sage offers to give the card to either Prudy or Warwick but makes them decide who should get the card. At first, Warwick and Prudence agree not to let the card come between them; but later in secret, each one of them starts bribing Sage and Buttercup, hoping to get the card. This ultimately leads to the fight that Sage wanted. She makes them put on large Combat Card costumes and fight each other physically. During the fight, Sage and Buttercup cheer them up saying "Warwick-shaped hole!" referring to the Warwick-shaped hole Prudy made the last time she fought with Warwick. At that point, Prudy realizes that it's getting out of control. She tells Warwick that it is not worth destroying their friendship. They give up on the card.

Sage is disappointed. She decides to sell the card and make a lot of money - but then Buttercup reveals that she already traded the card with Sir Gareth for a "Buttercup" card.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Brittany Ross as Pixie Queen



  • Arc uses Ciara's ring in this episode.
  • We learned that Sir Gareth once had dread locks
  • It is inferred Arc may have a poor or nonexistent relationship with his father as when the giant insect breaths fire, he says dads hate him. This is later proved wrong in A Thief in the Knight.
  • This episode was written by Chris Tallman, who played Hank on The Thundermans.
  • The pixies live in Mushrooms, just like the Smurfs.


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