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Arc to Ciara and Prudence

A Knight at the Roxbury is the second episode of Season 1 and of Knight Squad. It first aired on February 24, 2018 to 0.94 million viewers.[1]



Ciara's competitiveness gets the best of her when she puts winning a prestigious school tournament ahead of her new friendship with Arc.[2]

Full Plot

Ciara, Prudence and Warwick take Arc to the Phoenix Squad's rec room. They explain that each squad in Knight School has their own hangout place. They demonstrate to Arc some of the special features in the rec room. One of the features is a jar of magical jelly bean bag chairs. They look like ordinary jelly beans until Ciara throws one onto the floor and it turns into a comfortable bean bag chair for Arc to sit in. While Phoenix Squad is still showing Arc around the room, Sir Gareth blows a horn assembling all the squads.

Arc asks Ciara to help him get up from the bean bag as Prudence and Warwick leave the rec room. Ciara holds Arc's hand but Arc accidentally touches Ciara's magic ring, causing her to turn into the princess. They both freak out. The Princess turns quickly back into Ciara. She says that she needs to be more careful next time especially because Warwick could easily return to the room because he's always forgetting something behind. To prove Ciara's point, Warwick comes back in having forgotten his shield and sword. They leave together.

While waiting for everyone to assemble, Phoenix Squad finds a little boy hiding in the garbage bin. The boy's name is Fizzwick. Fizzwick is Warwick's little brother. He snuck into Knight School to come see his heroic brother in action. Apparently, Warwick has been lying to his little brother that he is the best and bravest student at Knight School since their dad. Warwick asks Fizzwick to leave.

With the squads assembled, Sir Gareth announces that they will be competing for the annual Roxbury Cup. He also reminds the squads to do their best because at the end of their course, only the best squad will become knights. Each squad must choose one person to compete for the cup on behalf of the entire squad.

Unicorn Squad chooses Nigel to compete for the cup.

For Kraken Squad, Buttercup starts wondering how they will select the person to represent squad but then Sage enters herself right away. Buttercup asks Sage if she's sure about it because lately Sage has been losing to Ciara every time, and Buttercup has to do a happy dance to cheer her up. Sage tells Buttercup that she used to be the best at Knight School before Ciara showed up. This is now her opportunity to beat Ciara in front of everyone so that people can remember how amazing she is. And then she can do her own happy dance.

For Phoenix Squad, Arc volunteers himself to compete for the cup as a way to prove that he is worthy addition to the squad. But, Ciara refuses to let him compete. Ciara insists that she will win the cup for Phoenix Squad because she always wins it every year. Arc is shocked by Ciara's competitive nature. Both Arc and Ciara refuse to back down. They argue for hours about it. Later at The Tasty Trunk, Ciara and Arc are still arguing. Prudence suggests a coin flip to determine who should compete for Phoenix Squad. It turns out that instead of flipping an actual coin, there's an elf called Coin who usually flips on the table. Arc calls for tails (butt). Coin flips and lands on his butt. Arc wins.

At the end of the day, the squads present their champions to compete in the Roxbury Cup by pressing a button. Sage and Nigel press the buttons for Kraken Squad and Unicorn squads respectively. When it comes to Phoenix Squad's turn, Arc starts playing an intro music and starts dancing in order to make an epic entrance into the competition. After noticing Arc is going to be playing for Phoenix Squad, Sage is disappointed because she wanted to beat Ciara. Sage accuses Ciara of letting Arc compete because she knows she will lose against Sage. Sage calls Ciara a loser, which gets in her head. Ciara can't handle losing or seeming weaker than Sage. She gets so pumped up to beat Sage that she goes without thinking and presses the button to enter herself, just before Arc can press the button. Arc is disappointed but Sir Gareth advises him to choose a shorter theme song next time. Arc confronts Ciara for not honoring their deal. Ciara apologizes for letting Sage get into her head.

To sabotage Ciara's plans, Arc goes to the castle and lies to The King and The Princess that he's been sent on behalf of Knight School to invite The Princess of Astoria to the Roxbury Cup. The Princess tries to decline the invitation, claiming that she has plans but The King orders her to go. The Princess looks for a chance to talk to Arc privately and confronts him for inviting her to the event where Ciara is supposed to be competing. Arc says that he did it so that Ciara will be forced to quit the competition and have Arc compete on behalf of the Phoenix Squad. The Princess tells Arc that if Ciara drops out from the competition, she will be kicked out of Knight School. Now they must figure out a way for Ciara and The Princess to be at the competition at the same time.

Since Prudence and Warwick are not involved in the Roxbury Cup competition, they go to hangout in The Tasty Trunk. They find Fizzwick arguing with some Unicorn Squad members for calling Warwick the weakest in Knight School. Warwick asks him to leave again but Fizzwick reveals that Knight School has hired him as their new janitor. Fizzwick is shocked that Warwick is not competing for the Roxbury Cup on behalf of the Phoenix Squad. Warwick lies to him that he was assigned a special mission by the King.

Prudence helps Warwick with the lie by adding that they will be protecting the castle from a monster that's half Sasquatch and a half fish - a Basquatch! Fizzwick admits that basquatches are in season. He asks Warwick to let him watch while he takes down the monster. Prudence comes up with a plan where she would dress up as Basquatch and pretend to attack and be defeated by Warwick. She's already got the costume because apparently, she keeps a full-body fur costume in her closet.

Warwick and Fizzwick are waiting on the Basquatch to attack while Prudence is getting herself ready with the Basquatch costume. The Basquatch attacks and Warwick thinks it's Prudy in costume like they had planned. But it's actually a real basquatch. Prudence notices what's going on and comes to sit next to Fizzwick while trying to help Warwick. The basquatch is too powerful for Warwick to take down and he is ready to give up and tell Fizzwick that he's not the brave knight he pretended to be. Prudy advises Warwick not to give up. If he takes down the basquatch, then he will be the brave hero he told Fizzwick he was. Warwick throws his sword to hit the beast but he misses and hits a tree branch instead. By good luck, the branch falls on the basquatch. Fizzwick is proud of his brother. Prudy and Warwick return to join Ciara and Arc at the Roxbury Cup competition.

Back at the competition, Arc and The Princess come up with a plan to lie to people that The Princess is sick so that no one will go into her hut while she's watching the competition. The Princess turns into Ciara and joins the crowd while Arc is left guarding the hut to make sure no one goes inside.

The competition for Roxbury Cup begins. Sir Gareth introduces a sea hag and tells them that the challenge is to capture the hag in a net. The first person to capture her wins the cup for their team. Ciara, Sage and Nigel begin trying to capture the hag. The hag proves to be very sneaky especially because she has a magic shell she uses to teleport herself whenever someone gets close. As the competition heats up, Sage steps on and breaks Nigel's net, which gets Nigel and the Unicorn Squad eliminated. So, not it's just Sage and Ciara. After a fierce competition, Ciara manages to knock Sage down. She also captures the hag's magic shell, making it impossible to teleport. She starts running after the hag and is close to winning.

Meanwhile, The King arrives and demands to see The Princess. When Arc refuses to let him in, the king orders his guards to arrest Arc and throw him into the dungeon. Ciara notices that Arc is in trouble. She throws away her net and pretends to go pick it up. Instead, she sneaks back into the Princess's hut and transforms back into The Princess. The Princess comes out and defends Arc from getting arrested.

While Ciara and Arc are dealing with the Princess drama, Sage swoops in and captures the sea hag. Sage wins the Roxbury Cup for the Kraken Squad. Sage and Buttercup celebrate the victory with a happy dance.

Phoenix Squad comforts Ciara for losing the competition. Ciara admits that Arc helped her learn that winning isn't everything.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

Featured Challenges

  • Roxbury Cup - the squads have to compete for the Roxbury Cup. Each squad chooses one member to compete. The first student to capture the hag in a net wins. Sage wins the cup for the Kraken Squad.

Magical Beings

International Air Dates

  • UK - May 28, 2018



  • The episode title is a play on the movie, "A Night at the Roxbury".
  • The episode was filmed during the week of Oct 16 in Los Angeles while rehearsal and stunt training for the show began the week before.
  • This is the first time that Phoenix Squad's rec room is seen.
  • Diary of a Wimpy Knight is a spoof on the book and movie, Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Fizzwick.
  • Buttercup and Ciara have a similar happy dance.
  • The King is seen to be growing a mustache.
  • Unicorn Squad is revealed in this episode.
  • Nigel is the first Unicorn Squad member to be seen and revealed.
  • The Roxbury Cup is the first competition shown in Knight Squad.


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