Buttercup is a main character in the Nickelodeon series, Knight Squad. She is training to become a knight at the Knight School and she is a member of the Kraken Squad.

Buttercup is portrayed by Savannah May.


Buttercup is a sweet and cheerful girl. Despite helping her best friend, Sage, with her evil plans, Buttercup always puts out a happy face. She is a very loyal girl as seen in the way she cares about Sage even though Sage doesn't seem to reciprocate that. Buttercup is not the smartest knight as she often makes mistakes that cause Sage's evil plans to fail.


Buttercup came to Knight School to train to become a Knight of Astoria. On her first day, some mean bullies started making fun of her. She was rescued by Sage from them. She joined Kraken Squad where she became best friends with the squad's leader, Sage.

Season 1

In Opening Knight, it's Buttercup's birthday but no one seems to care - not even her best friend, Sage. Buttercup tries to introduce herself to the new student, Arc but Sage shushes her. Sage later sends her to buy noise fairies to sabotage Phoenix Squad's mission but Buttercup gets confused and buys nose fairies instead. When Sage complains about their plan failing, Buttercup says that they don't need the remaining nose fairies. She unleashes the fairies which fly directly into Sage's nostrils, making Sage even angrier.

In A Knight at the Roxbury, Buttercup helps make sure that her friend, Sage is confident about competing against Ciara because Ciara always beats Sage. Buttercup also reveals that she usually does a happy dance for Sage every time Sage loses to Ciara to cheer her up.

In Knight in Shining Armor Day, Buttercup brings Sage an Armor Day gift. The gift is a diorama of the day they met - when Sage defended Buttercup from mean kids who were laughing at her. She's happy when Sage gives her the job of carrying the diorama around as Sage's gift for her. She's later surprised when Sage goes through so much trouble to get her a valuable gift - a unicorn blossom. Unfortunately, Buttercup is allergic to unicorn blossoms.




  • She is part of Sage's Kraken Squad.
  • She is nicer than her friends.
  • Buttercup is allergic to unicorn blossoms.
  • In Knight in Shining Armor Day, it's revealed that Buttercup is always smiling because she has a "resting happy face".
  • Despite being a main character, she is not in the opening.
  • Her mother has a mustache.[1]


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