Commander Umbala is a character on the Nickelodeon television series, Knight Squad. She is the commander of Ryker's army.

She is portrayed by Jessie Graff.


Commander Umbala is strong and fierce as she leads Ryker's strong army. She is very skilled in combat which makes her a big challenge for Knight students to stop. She is loyal especially to Ryker and his conquest for Astoria.


Umbala is the Commander of Ryker's Army. In A Thief in the Knight, she leads Ryker's Army to conquer Astoria when one of Astoria's Dragon Crystals gets stolen causing the force field to weaken. After getting through the portal, Umbala grabs the crystal and plans to keep it until the final crystal fades out so that Ryker can finally return to Astoria. She battles Knight School students and is eventually defeated by Arc and Ciara who restore the crystal. Umbala and her army are magically dragged out of Astoria.


She has blonde hair with brown eyes, and wears armour and also has red marks on her face.

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