This is an episode guide for the Nickelodeon series, Knight Squad.

Knight Squad is an Nickelodeon American superhero live-action comedy television series. The series was created by The Thundermans executive producers Sean Cunningham and Marc Dworkin and stars Owen Joyner, Daniella Perkins, Lilimar, Lexi DiBenedetto, Amarr M. Wooten, Savannah May and Kelly Perine.

Nickelodeon announced that it ordered 20 episodes for the the first season of the show on May 16, 2017 and the series began production on October 20, 2017 and wrapped in April 2018. [1][2][3] Knight Squad premiered on February 19, 2018.

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates) Avg. viewers
Season premiere Season finale
1 20 February 19, 2018 January 26, 2019 0.81
2 10 February 2, 2019 April 20, 2019 0.57

Season 1 (2018-19)

  • Nickelodeon gave a 20-episode order to Knight Squad on May 16, 2017. It premiered on February 19, 2018.
# Ep. # Title Writer(s) Director Prod. Code Airdate Viewers (millions)
1 1 "Opening Knight" Sean Cunningham & Marc Dworkin Trevor Kirschner 101 February 19, 2018 1.14

A rambunctious princess and a mischievous drifter create new identities to attend knight school; after learning of each other's secret, they become unlikely partners and band together to achieve their dream of becoming legendary knights.

2 2 "A Knight at the Roxbury" Sean Cunningham & Mark Dworkin Trevor Kirschner 102 February 24, 2018 0.94

Ciara's competitiveness gets the best of her when she puts winning a prestigious school tournament ahead of her new friendship with Arc.

3 3 "Knight in Shining Armor Day" John D. Beck & Ron Hart Trevor Kirschner 103 March 3, 2018 0.95

When the Phoenix Squad is chosen to host the annual Armor Day Feast, Arc must rely on Ciara to help him with the festive traditions and protect his secret.

4 4 "One Magical Knight" Lisa Muse Bryant Trevor Kirschner 104 March 10, 2018 0.85

Arc discovers that Warwick can cast magic spells, but things get out of hand when he starts using his secret talent for fun.

5 5 "The Dork Knight Returns" Wesley Jermaine Johnson & Scott Taylor Trevor Kirschner 106 March 17, 2018 0.85

Arc's predecessor on the Phoenix Squad returns, bumping Arc to the Kraken Squad while his friends secretly work to get rid of their former partner.

6 6 "Tonight, Two Knight" Chris Atwood Eric Dean Seaton 105 March 24, 2018 0.97

On the eve of Ciara's sister's return from the battlefield, Sir Gareth binds the feuding Arc and Ciara with "magical friendship bracelets" from which they can only be released by demonstrating sincere kindness toward each other.

  • Note: This is the 2018 Kids' Choice Awards lead-out.
7 7 "A Knight's Tail" Chris Tallman Eric Dean Seaton 108 March 31, 2018 0.94

Ciara entrusts Arc with her Pixie Ring, which turns him into a hideous beast when he tests the ring's powers on himself; desperate to undo the curse, Ciara and Arc seek the help of the Pixie Queen, who reveals that she has beef with Arc.

8 8 "Parent Teacher Knight" Jennifer Keene Jody Margolin Hahn 109 April 7, 2018 0.91

The Phoenix Squad appeals to Sir Gareth in an effort to expel Sage from Knight School, but his meeting with Sage's mother backfires after he falls in love at first sight, and follows her command to immediately make Sage a knight.

9 9 "Do the Knight Thing" Michael J.S. Murphy & Frank O. Wolff Robbie Countryman 112 April 14, 2018 0.80

Sorcery School students temporarily move onto the Knight School grounds, and quickly engage in a competition for control of the Phoenix squad room; Arc and Ciara must decide how far they will go to win and save their school.

10 10 "Wish I May, Wish I Knight" Jennifer Keene Jody Margolin Hahn 115 May 25, 2018 0.98

When Arc gives Ciara a bottle with a genie inside, she decides to make a wish so that she can attend Knight School. But, when Sage becomes princess and takes the bottle so that the genie, Kiki, is hers, Arc and Ciara have to get it back.

11 11 "Working on the Knight Moves" Wesley Jermaine Johnson & Scott Taylor Wendy Faraone 116 June 9, 2018 0.71

Arc and Ciara secretly attend an academy run by hotshot knight and former Knight School student Sir Swayze, who teaches tactics that go against Sir Gareth's methods.

12-13 12-13 "A Thief in the Knight" Part 1: Sean W. Cunningham & Marc Dworkin

Part 2: John D. Beck & Ron Hart

Trevor Kirschner 110-111 June 16, 2018 0.84

Arc convinces Ciara to show him the famed Dragon Crystals which protect the kingdom. But, after a crystal goes missing, Arc is arrested, and his friends question whether they can trust him while he tries to find the missing crystal and clear his name.

14 14 "Take Me Home to Knight" Lisa Muse Bryant Robbie Countryman 113 September 22, 2018 0.77

Arc's swindler father wants his son to leave Knight School and help with his latest con. To prove he's destined for knighthood instead, Arc stands up for himself, but soon becomes stuck in one of his father's shady schemes.

15 15 "A Total Knightmare" Chris Atwood Jean Sagal 114 September 29, 2018 0.67

When Knight School quests begin, Warwick worries his fears will hinder the squad; Warwick's use of Fearless Fairies makes him immune to fear but also reckless, putting the squad's quest in jeopardy.

16 16 "Fight for Your Knight to Party" Chris Tallman Robbie Countryman 117 October 6, 2018 0.69

Ciara wants to bake The King his traditional birthday cake, but she and the Phoenix Squad need help of an old enemy who is cooking up his own plans for revenge.

17 17 "Fright Knight" Nora Sullivan Jonathan Judge 107 October 20, 2018 0.68

After the Princess defies her father's orders and attends the Party of Darkness, the Shadow Ghost appears and threatens to possess her, so the Phoenix Squad must fight to save their friend.

18 18 "Little Knight Lies" Nora Sullivan Eric Dean Seaton 118 January 12, 2019 0.62

Worried that her royal duties are taking her away from Prudy, Ciara arranges for Prudy to become friends with the princess; when Prudy starts to spend too much time with the princess, Ciara becomes jealous of her alter ego.

19 19 "End of the Knight, Part 1" Sean W. Cunningham & Marc Dworkin Trevor Kirschner 119 January 19, 2019 0.49

When an injured Princess Eliza informs the kingdom that Ryker is near the all-powerful Armor of Astoria, Arc and Ciara race to its location.

20 20 "End of the Knight, Part 2" Sean W. Cunningham & Marc Dworkin Trevor Kirschner 120 January 26, 2019 0.62

A shocking betrayal allows Ryker to take the Armor of Astoria and reclaim the throne; Arc and Ciara must free the kingdom from Ryker's control and Arc is determined to get his revenge on Ryker.

Season 2 (2019)

▪ Nickelodeon gave a 10-episode order to Knight Squad on July 27, 2018. It premiered on February 2, 2019.

# Ep. # Title Writer(s) Director Prod. Code Airdate Viewers (millions)
21 1 "A Knight to Remember" Sean W. Cunningham & Marc Dworkin Trevor Kirschner 201 February 2, 2019 0.81

When big-mouthed Prudence learns of Arc and Ciara's secrets, she agrees to have her memory wiped before accidentally exposing her friends to the entire kingdom; that is, until she forgets they were ever her friends at all.

22 2 "Love at First Knight" Gigi McCreery & Perry Rein Trevor Kirschner 202 February 16, 2019 0.63

As Warwick's infatuation with the princess becomes a liability during training, Arc and Ciara help him focus by setting him up with another beautiful princess, but she may not be as sweet as she seems.

23 3 "Mid-Knight in the Garden of Good and Evil" Angela Yarbrough Wendy Faraone 203 February 23, 2019 0.59

When Phoenix Squad is paired with Sage and Buttercup on their latest quest, they attempt to magically adjust Sage's unpleasant attitude, but their plan backfires when they mistakenly turn Buttercup evil.

24 4 "In the Gill of the Knight" Jennifer Keene Lynn McCracken 204 March 2, 2019 0.58

Arc's secret is threatened when Sir Gareth confiscates Prudence's magic mirror containing a picture of him that will prove he is not a true Dragonblood.

25 5 "The Knight Stuff" Chris Atwood Robbie Countryman 205 March 9, 2019 0.54

Warwick is excited to show off his magical abilities when his father comes to teach at Knight School, but he gives up his powers after he learns that his father disapproves of knights using magic.

26 6 "Knight of the Living Dead" Chris Tallman Jody Margolin Hahn 207 March 16, 2019 0.56

The Phoenix Squad must defend Sir Gareth after Arc resurrects an ancient zombie that vows revenge on their teacher.

27 7 "Knight Glider" Wesley Jermaine Johnson & Scott Taylor Jonathan Judge 206 March 30, 2019 0.42

When the fabled Great Glider crash-lands in Astoria, the squads work on a solution to refuel his weakened jet pack; Arc abandons his team and trains to become the legendary hero's sidekick.

28 8 "Two Wrongs Don't Make a Knight" Nora Sullivan Wendy Faraone 208 April 6, 2019 0.59

When the Phoenix Squad suspects Sage is cheating, Ciara uses the Princess to recruit her as a guard and keep her from training for the upcoming whip battle.

29 9 "Election Knight" Michael J.S. Murphy & Frank O. Wolff David Kendall 209 April 13, 2019 0.49

Prudence’s quirky ideas while running for Class Ruler has her friends in the Phoenix Squad worried that she will embarrass herself, so they secretly take over the campaign.

30 10 "Closing Knight" Sean W. Cunningham & Marc Dworkin Trevor Kirschner 210 April 20, 2019 0.52

The squads fight against each other in one final battle with the top group becoming the Knights of Astoria forever.


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