That's right, I clean things. And right now, mm, you're a mess.
Fizzwick to Sage

Knight in Shining Armor Day is the third episode of Season 1 and of Knight Squad and the third overall. It first aired on March 3, 2018 to 0.95 million viewers.[1]



When the Phoenix Squad is chosen to host the annual Armor Day feast, Arc must rely on Ciara to help him with the festive traditions, and to protect his secret.[2]

Full Plot

It's Armor Day in Astoria. Armor Day is a public holiday that remembers the day when the first king of Astoria ordered the greatest wizards to make an indestructible magical armor to help protect Astoria. However, when their enemies approached, the greatest wizard, Hogancross used magic to hide the armor and keep it away from their enemies' hands. Unfortunately, the armor was never found again. Armor Day celebrates the hope that one day, they will find the magical armor again and use it to keep Astoria safe.

There are several traditions associated with Armor Day celebrations. Unfortunately, Arc does not understand any of them because he's not from Astoria. He's from Seagate. If anyone found out that he doesn't know Astoria traditions, they would figure out that he's not a dragon blood and he would be kicked out of Knight School. So, Ciara advises Arc to remain in the Phoenix Squad rec room all day so that he doesn't mess up.

Each year, Sir Gareth asks one of the Knight School squads to volunteer to host the Armor Day celebrations. Sage doesn't want Kraken Squad to host. So, she asks Buttercup to stop smiling but Buttercup says that she can't stop smiling because she has a smiling resting face. Luckily, Arc drops in and volunteers Phoenix Squad to host the celebration. Ciara confronts him for doing it because if he gets any of the tradition wrong, the Wizard would kick him him out of Knight School. Arc tells Ciara that he can't just hide in the rec room. The only way for him to learn Astoria traditions is to participate and prove that he belongs. With no choice, Ciara decides to spend hours teaching Arc all the Armor Day traditions so that he doesn't mess up.

Since Phoenix Squad is hosting, Prudence and Warwick ask Sir Gareth to let them perform their show - "The Sound of Armor" - but Sir Gareth refuses to let them do it because it's dreadful to watch.

Phoenix Squad impresses the Wizard and Sir Gareth for perfect preparations for the Armor Day feast. During dinner, Arc is proud of himself for being able to learn all those traditions without screwing up. One of the traditions is that the squad hosting the feast has to hide a chocolate armor for the Wizard to look for after making fifteen spins. Arc tells Ciara that he hid the armor in a place where the Wizard will never find - over the cliff. Ciara reminds Arc that the armor is supposed to be hidden under the Wizard's chair. The Wizard is only supposed to pretend to look for it. If the Wizard doesn't find the armor, he will know that whoever hid it doesn't understand the traditions. Ciara and Arc must find the armor and place the armor in the right place before the wizard is done spinning. To keep everyone busy, Ciara invites Warwick and Prudence to perform their show. Sir Gareth doesn't like it but the Wizard forces him to watch.

Arc and Ciara struggle to get over the cliff in order to get the chocolate armor. They're about to grab the armor when a packrat approaches. Arc tells Ciara they have to hide from the packrat and explains to her what he knows about packrats. A packrat is a being that's half-human, half-rat that feeds on trash. Packrats are common in Seagate and they're very dangerous. To demonstrate, Arc throws a stone towards the packrat. The packrat quickly disintegrates the rock with her poisonous tail. With Arc's knowledge and strategic thinking, they are able to escape safely from the packrat and return the chocolate armor to the Wizard's chair just in time.

Ciara praises Arc for his street knowledge of things that some of them don't even understand. She concludes, that they could use Arc's knowledge to help them with lots of challenges in the Phoenix Squad.

The Armor Day celebrations end in success with another show from Prudy and Warwick.

While Phoenix Squad is hosting Armor Day celebrations, Kraken Squad has the day free. Sage is in The Tasty Trunk messing with other customers salt bottles for fun. Buttercup brings her an Armor Day gift. It's a diorama of the day they met. They first met when Sage defended Buttercup from mean kids who were making fun of her on her first day at Knight School. Ever since, they became friends. Sage is touched by Buttercup's gift but she doesn't have anything for her. Instead, she asks Buttercup to carry the diorama around Sage. Buttercup cheerfully leaves happy that Sage has given her the gift of a job.

As Buttercup hops out in joy, Fizzwick confronts Sage for giving Buttercup a job instead of a gift. He argues that Buttercup is upset with Sage's gift. Sage tells him that if Buttercup was upset, she would know because she's a bestie. Fizzwick gets into Sage's head by calling her the worst bestie... a worstie. This helps Sage realize that she cares about Buttercup and she wants to give her a meaningful gift.

Fizzwick insists that Sage should get Buttercup a special gift like a unicorn blossom. Unicorn blossoms are very rare to get. They only grow in the pit of explosions and to get there, you have to cross the River of Fire and go through the Forest of Stabby Things. So, trying to get a unicorn blossom is pretty much impossible. Nevertheless, Sage goes through all that trouble to get a unicorn blossom to prove how much she cares about Buttercup. She comes back with a broken arm and finds Buttercup and Fizzwick in the Tasty Trunk.

Sage gives the unicorn blossom gift to Buttercup. Buttercup tells Sage that she didn't have to give her any Armor Day gift. Being her bestie is the best present she can ask for. Buttercup opens the gift but it turns out that she is allergic to unicorn blossom. Fizzwick takes the unicorn blossom and reveals that he knew about Buttercup's allergy and he only tricked Sage to get it for him so that he can give it to his mom.

Sage asks Buttercup to remind her to get revenge on Fizzwick someday.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Bruno Amato as Rat-Tat
  • Taylor McKinney IV as Larry
  • Christan Dizon as Salt Prank Victim

Magical Beings

  • Wizards
  • Packrat
  • Warlock


International Air Dates

  • UK - June 4, 2018


  • Arc is revealed to be from Seagate.
  • There is a holiday known as Pretend Wednesday is Thursday Day in Seagate.
  • Arc is intimidated by Ciara as the Princess.
  • Armor Day is the first tradition seen in Knight Squad.
  • It was revealed Arc can play the violin.
  • Two Kraken Squad members are seen doing the "Backpack Dance".
  • This episode marked the second appearance of Nigel.
  • Dancing with the Wizards was a reference to TV series, "Dancing with the Stars".
  • This is the third episode where Arc is seen dancing. The first and second is Opening Knight and A Knight at the Roxbury.


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