Knighty Knights is a group of little kids aspiring to become Knight School students and eventually knights of Astoria. They are led by Bria.


When Sage challenges Sir Gareth's teaching in Do the Knight Thing, Sir Gareth decides to show Sage how hard teaching can be by asking her to train a group of four little kids aspiring to be knights.

At first, the Knighty Knights prove too difficult for Sage and Buttercup to control, but Sage overpowers them by using her sword-staff to scare them. She teaches the Knighty Knights about being knights and the importance of being loyal to their squads. She also tells them that anyone who is not a member of their squad, is their enemy. The Knighty Knights take advantage of this to get back at Sage and Buttercup. First, they ask Buttercup just to be sure that she and Sage are technically their enemies because they're not in Knighty Knights squad. They then set up a net trap for Sage and Buttercup. Sage and Buttercup fall into the trap and end up hanging on a zip line.

The Knighty Knights laugh at Sage as she comes to the realization that teaching isn't that easy.



  • Sage thinks of Bria is a mini-Sage because she is a little evil like Sage and dresses in dark clothing.
  • Like all the known Knight School squads, Knighty Knights is also a squad of four kids; 2 girls and 2 boys.