Uh... How many paintings in this castle do you think have cake in them?
Arc to Warwick

One Magical Knight is the fourth episode of Season 1 of Knight Squad and the fourth overall. It first aired March 10, 2018 to 0.85 million viewers.[1]



Arc discovers that Warwick can cast magic spells, but things get out of hand when he starts using his secret talent.[2]

Full Plot

In Astoria, there is a Magic School called Spitzalot School of Sorcery dedicated to training young witches and wizards on how to use magic. The school was created after the magic drought that left Astoria with no magic for decades. People who exhibit magical powers are required to enrol in Magic School. The school is run by Sorceress Spitzalot who comes to Knight School periodically to test students who might have magic powers and makes them to join the magic school.

Sir Gareth introduces Sorceress Spitzalot to Knight School students and allows her to carry on with the magical abilities tests. Spitzalot spits a lot as she speaks. She sets up paintings of a flower and teaches them the spell to use in order to pull a flower out of a painting. The spell is "Exevalo, plucky plucky." To put the flower back, the spell is "Reveltray, putus backus!" Arc brags about being magical but the spell doesn't work. Prudence tries to cast the spell but ends up breaking the easel because she still can't control her giant strength. Sage and Buttercup make fun of her for wrecking everything. Warwick tries the spell with his left hand but nothing happens. None of the other students is able to cast the spell either. So, Spitzalot leaves without taking any students.

After the test, Warwick goes to the Phoenix Squad rec room and secretly casts the spell. It works. Unfortunately, Arc walks in on him discovering that Warwick has magical powers. Warwick tells Arc that he failed the magic test on purpose because he doesn't want anyone to know that he has magical powers. If anyone finds out, he would be forced to leave Knight School and join Magic School. So, they have to keep it a secret. Arc agrees to keep Warwick's secret. But first, they agree to have some fun by pulling cakes out of all the paintings they can find that have cake in them.

Following the incident during the magic test, Prudence starts to become more insecure about her inability to control her giant strength. It gets worse when she almost destroys The Tasty Trunk while jumping in excitement. To top it all, she breaks a table. She tells Ciara that Sage was probably right that she doesn't belong in Knight School. Ciara advises her that everything is going to be okay and that with time, she will learn how to control her strength. To avoid hurting people, Prudence puts on a big bubble wrap ball to keep her giant strength in check. She calls it her stay-out-of-trouble bubble. Ciara doesn't like it and tells Prudence that she can't live her life in a bubble. Prudence says there's no rule against living in a bubble. So, Ciara secretly transforms back into The Princess and convinces her father to introduce a new rule against living in a bubble. The King announces the new rule and refuses to explain his rationale. Prudence is forced to remove the bubble.

Prudy's situation gives Sage the perfect opportunity to weaken the Phoenix Squad. Sage approaches Prudence and offers to help with her giant problem. She convinces her that being a giant in Knight School will only cause her to destroy things and hurt people she cares about. It would be best for her and everyone else if Prudence left Knight School. Prudence falls for it and starts preparing to leave.

Back at the Phoenix Squad rec room, Warwick and Arc have been eating so much cake that they almost forgot about the rock band concert. Their clothes are all covered in cake. They need clean, party clothes. Arc notices a painting where one of the guys is sharply dressed; and suggests using magic to take his clothes from the painting. Warwick explains that the guy in the painting to Horvath the Horrible. He was an evil villain who tried to destroy the castle using his lightning staff but was stopped by the first Knights of Astoria. So, Warwick is worried that casting the spell to pull his clothes out of the painting could be dangerous. Nevertheless, Arc convinces him to do it. Warwick does the spell and successfully pulls the clothes out. The boys change quickly and leave for the concert. Little do they know that the magic spell has been working slowly on Horvath the Horrible and he's coming out of the painting as well.

Arc and Warwick join their friends at the rock concert. The rock concert turns out to be literally three rocks with guitars placed on them. After breaking out of the painting, Horvath the Horrible comes to the rock concert and starts terrorizing people. He uses his lightning staff to electrocute the rocks, turning them into graves with R.I.P written on it. He then starts attacking everyone with lightning. Arc and Warwick explain to Ciara what happened and she quickly figures out that Warwick has magic powers. She goes back to the squad rec room to get the painting so that Warwick can put the villain back into the painting.

On her way to get the painting, Ciara runs into Sage who reveals that she has convinced Prudence to leave Knight School. Ciara is angry at Sage for tricking Prudy but she doesn't have the time to argue with Sage. She goes to the rec room and tries to get the painting. But the painting is too heavy for her. She wishes Prudy was there to help with the painting. Luckily, Prudy comes by, carrying her luggage. She explains that she was on her way to leave but only stayed behind when she found cake in the bathroom. Sage convinces her to stay and help her carry the painting. Prudence uses her giant strength to remove and take the painting to the fight scene.

Warwick is confronted with a moral decision. If he uses magic to put the villain back into the painting, everyone will know that he has magic and he would be forced to leave Knight School for Magic School. But if he doesn't, the villain could hurt a lot of people and destroy the school. So, he casts the spell to put Horvath the Horrible back into the painting. Unfortunately, Sir Gareth sees him and unwillingly agrees to let Sorceress Spitzalot take Warwick to Magic School; because that's the rule.

Ciara doesn't want to lose Warwick from her squad. So, she transforms back to Princess and convinces the King to change the rules so that people with magical powers can be knights too and don't have to go to magic school.

Thanks to the new rule, Warwick is allowed to remain in Knight School, which would make him the first magical knight of Astoria.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Esteban Cueto as Horvath The Horrible


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International Air Dates

  • UK - June 11, 2018


  • This episode reveals that Warwick has magic. He's seen using his magic powers in most of the other episodes after this.
  • Warwick casts the "exevalo plucky, plucky" spell to remove something from a painting in Tonight, Two Knight and A Thief in the Knight.
  • Warwick's tendency to forget things include his sword, was first mentioned in A Knight at the Roxbury.
  • Sorceress Spitzalot returns in Do the Knight Thing with some students from the Sorcery School mentioned in this episode.


  • Warwick was the second person to be revealed to have powers. The first was Prudence.
  • This episode revealed that Warwick has magical powers.
  • The Princess is seen using her status to bend rules to benefit Ciara and the Phoenix Squad
    • Which is historically accurate as absolute monarchs could decree a law and it would be so.


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