All right, am I in or am I so in?
Do you know how disappointed my dad will be if I get kicked out? My name is WARwick not PEACEwick.
Warwick to Arc

Opening Knight is the first episode in Season 1 of Knight Squad and the first overall. It first aired on February 19, 2018 to 1.14 million viewers.[1]



A rambunctious princess and a mischievous drifter create new identities to attend knight school; after learning of each other's secret, they become unlikely partners and band together to achieve their dream of becoming legendary knights.[2]

Full Plot

A mischievous drifter, Arc sneaks into Knight School in Astoria by hiding in Ogre's wagon. He finds Sir Gareth announcing that the legendary Knight School is looking to fill an open spot, in the Phoenix Squad. Sir Gareth introduces members the current members of the Phoenix Squad and their skills. Ciara is the leader of the squad and has great combat and sword skills. Prudence is a quarter-giant with giant strength. Warwick comes from a family of knights and he's got great moves. Sorta.

Arc applies for to join the knight school even after learning that the school only allows people from the noble Dragon Blood heritage. He lies about his identity to get in. Since he can't afford the 2,000 gold pieces needed for school fees, Arc decides to steal one of the Princess's tiaras. He sneaks into the castle and steals a tiara. The Princess finds him and tries to stop him but it's too late.

The King arrives to check in on the princess. The Princess reminds her father that she could have probably done better if he allowed her to be a knight. The King refuses to let her, insisting that he can't let the princess be a knight. He needs to keep her safe. She's all he has left since her older sister hasn't returned yet from battling Ryker's Army. The King walks out.

The Princess then presses on her magical ring, which transforms her into Ciara. It is revealed that The Princess has been using Ciara as her secret identity in order to attend Knight School without anyone stopping her.

After selling the tiara, Arc pays the school fees needed and officially joins Knight School as a member of the Phoenix Squad. During the first lesson, Sir Gareth asks one squad to volunteer. Sage, the leader of the Kraken Squad scares off Warwick causing it to look as if he's volunteering the Phoenix Squad. Arc shows his impressive skills when Sir Gareth brings a Stone Warrior to life to teach the students that danger lurks where they least expect it. Arc battles the stone warrior and tricks him to fall of the clip. Following the squad's success, Sir Gareth asks Phoenix Squad to pick a bonus quest by the end of the day. One of the quests is to retrieve Sir Gareth's golden dagger from a deadly beast. Phoenix Squad doesn't want to do it because if they fail, they would be kicked out of Knight School. But they still have the entire day to decide.

Ciara is impressed by Arc's skills and proud to have him on her squad. During their conversation, Arc notices that Ciara is wearing the same ring as The Princess. He asks Ciara about it but Ciara starts acting all weird before running away. Arc runs after Ciara and watches her enter the Princess's room in the castle. He figures out that Ciara is The Princess. He tells her that he knows how the ring works to transform people because he has seen it before. Ciara tries to deny it but when they hear The King approaching, she has no option but to press the ring and turn back into The Princess.

After that, The Princess opens up to Arc about her secret identity as Ciara. She tells him that her dream is to become a knight and protect her kingdom but her father won't let her. After learning that Arc doesn't know how to act around a princess, Ciara figures out that he is not a Dragon Blood. Arc opens up about his secret too. He tells Ciara that his hometown was captured by Riker's Army and the only way to save his people is by becoming a Knight of Astoria. Unfortunately, Knight School doesn't allow people like him to become knights. So, he had to lie about his heritage so that they can let him in. Realizing that they both have the same goals, Arc and Ciara agree to keep each other's secret.

To celebrate their new addition, Phoenix Squad goes to The Tasty Trunk for some drinks. Prudence explains to Arc about The Tasty Trunk. Tasty Trunk is some sort of a restaurant inside a giant tree trunk where the knight students usually go to hang out. It is operated by a Warlock. While waiting to order their drinks, Warwick reveals that he has crush on The Princess. Arc takes the moment to mess with Ciara by asking what she thinks about that but Ciara insists that she's sure Warwick is not The Princess's type. They order vanilla floats.

Just about then, Sage and her sidekick friend, Buttercup arrive at The Tasty Trunk. Sage introduces herself to Arc as the nicest girl in Knight School. She then starts insulting Phoenix Squad just to get in Ciara's head. She challenges them to choose the golden dagger quest... unless they're chickens. Due to Ciara's competitive nature, she says that they will take the golden dagger challenge, before realizing that she's put her team at risk of losing and being kicked out. Sage is happy because she knows Phoenix Squad will fail and get kicked out of Knight School. Buttercup tries to tell everyone that it's her birthday but Sage pulls her away.

When Phoenix Squad starts freaking out about the quest, Arc starts showing them the moves they can use. He says his catchphrase "Wazow!" which makes Ciara realize that Arc is the thief who stole her tiara because the thief had said "Wazow!" too. Ciara confronts Arc about it. Arc tries to deny it at first but later admits that he needed to steal the tiara so that he can be able to pay school fees to join Knight School. Ciara is disappointed that the only person she trusted with her secret lied to her. She kicks him out of Phoenix Squad and takes the rest of the squad to the quest without Arc.

During the quest, Prudence and Warwick are not happy that Arc is not with them but Ciara starts making up excuses. They get to the place where the beast with the golden dagger lives. At the same time, Sage and Buttercup sneak up on them secretly in order to sabotage the quest. Sage had sent Buttercup to buy noise fairies so that they can use them to wake the beast. Instead, Buttercup got confused and bought nose fairies instead. At first Sage is angry with Buttercup but when the nose fairies enter Prudence's nose, they make her sneeze so loud that she wakes up the beast. Mission accomplished. Sage and Buttercup run away without anyone noticing. The beast comes to confront the intruders. It turns out that the beast is a tiny goblin. Prudence tries to baby-talk the goblin but she is surprised when the goblin kicks her so hard that she falls down. The goblin turns out to be way way more dangerous than it looks.

Back at The Tasty Trunk, Sir Gareth finds Arc sitting alone. Arc lies to him that Ciara kicked him out of the squad for stealing her stab-n-dab move. Sir Gareth advises Arc to regain Ciara's trust by going to help them with the quest. Arc runs to the mission to help his squad. They are all happy to see him. Ciara asks Warwick to go back to Knight School to tell Sir Gareth that they are bringing back the golden dagger. But after observing that Warwick is going the wrong way, Prudence goes with him too so that he doesn't get lost.

Arc and Ciara are left to fight the goblin. They try to get the goblin off his game by shouting around him to scare him off. Ciara asks the goblin what he's got that they don't have. They are shocked when the goblin breathes fire on them. So, they hide behind a rock. Arc asks Ciara to trust him with the next part of the plan. He tells Ciara the plan. Ciara turns into the Princess and comes over to the goblin. The Princess challenges the goblin to a dance battle and starts dancing right away. When the goblin falls for it and starts dancing, Arc sneaks up behind him and kicks him down. After defeating the goblin, Ciara forgives Arc but decides to steal his "Wazow!" catchphrase until Arc returns her tiara. They take away the golden dagger and return it to Knight School.

Sir Gareth is pleased with Phoenix Squad's successful quest to bring back his golden dagger. Phoenix Squad qualifies to remain in Knight School.

Sage tells Buttercup how disappointed she is that her plans to eliminate Phoenix Squad failed. Buttercup figures out that they don't need the remaining nose fairies. She opens the bottle, and the fairies fly into Sage's nose.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • David Mattey as Orge

Featured Challenges

  • Stone Warrior Challenge - Sir Gareth uses the challenge to teach knight school students that danger lurks where they least expect it. Sage makes Phoenix Squad volunteer unwillingly for the challenge. Arc defeats the stone warrior.
  • Golden Dagger Bonus Quest - Phoenix Squad must retrieve Sir Gareth's golden dagger from the evil beast (goblin) who stole it from him. The squad wins the quest and is allowed to remain at knight school.

Magical Beings

  • Ogre
  • Fairies
  • Goblin
  • Warlock
  • Tree Gnome


International Premieres

  • UK - May 21, 2018


  • This episode was filmed in late-2016, under the working title Knights of Astoria.
  • This is the first episode of the series.
  • Arc using the rope to get to a new destination was seen in the promo for Knight Squad.
  • Prudence is revealed to have super strength.
  • It was revealed Warwick's dad and grandad used to be knights.
  • This is the highest-rated episode of the show. This is also the first and only episode to receveid over 1 million viewers.
  • It was revealed in this episode that Ciara has a sister.
  • Ciara used to sleep in a crib until she was a teenager.
  • The Tasty Trunk is the first restaurant seen in Knight Squad.
  • Buttercup's birthday is revealed to be February 19.
  • This was the first episode to feature a birthday.
  • Ciara was revealed to be able to dance.
  • Arc was seen dabbing.
  • Arc addresses the Princess as 'Your Majesty', although this is not historically accurate, as only ruling monarchs (Kings or Queens) are styled that way. The correct style is "Your Highness" (or depending on her status "Your Royal Highness").

Other Quotes

Nice to have you on the Phoenix Squad, Arc. Hope you last longer than the guy we replaced. Hey, you just did!
Ciara to Arc


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