I don't wanna be known as the girl who became a knight because her mom made it happen... I wanna take down the best squad in Knight School on my own.

Parent Teacher Knight is the eighth episode of Season 1 of Knight Squad and the eighth. It first aired on April 7, 2018 to 0.91 million viewers.[1]



The Phoenix Squad appeals to Sir Gareth in an effort to expel Sage from Knight School, but his meeting with Sage's mother backfires after he falls in love at first sight, and follows her command to immediately make Sage a knight.[2]

Main Plot

Phoenix Squad gets fed up with Sage when she pranks them during a challenge to capture a Pegasus, causing them to fall in the overall rank to third position after Kraken Squad and Unicorn Squad. At this rate, they will never becoming knights if Sage keeps pranking them during every class. They report Sage to Sir Gareth. Sir Gareth invites Sage's mother, Saffron to tell her that he is going to expel Sage from Knight School.

After a long parent-teacher conference with Saffron, Sir Gareth surprises both Sage and Phoenix Squad by revealing that he's not going to expel Sage because he's now dating Saffron. He even shows them a griffon claw medallion that Saffron added to his eye patch. After that, Sir Gareth starts openly favoring Sage in front of the other students. To bring this to an end, Ciara leads Phoenix Squad to show Sir Gareth that dating one of his students' parents is against the Knight School rules. At that point, Sir Gareth announces that he can continue dating Saffron because Sage will no longer be a student. He is going to make Sage a knight. Everyone is shocked. Sir Gareth orders Phoenix Squad to prepare Sage's knighting ceremony. Ciara angrily runs into Phoenix Squad room to prove that Sage is behind all this.

However, Sage doesn't seem happy about it either. She rudely talks to her mother. Arc, Prudence and Warwick notice it too. They bring Sage to the Phoenix Squad room where Ciara is. Sage reveals that Saffron has cast a love spell on Sir Gareth through the griffon claw medallion she gave him. That's why Sir Gareth is doing whatever Saffron wants, including knighting Sage. But Sage makes it clear to Phoenix Squad that she wants to become a knight on her own; not because her mother made it happen. She wants to break her mom's spell but she can't do it alone. So, Sage and Phoenix Squad team up together to break the spell by taking away the medallion.

During the knighting ceremony, Phoenix Squad captures Sir Gareth with ropes the same way they were supposed to capture the pegasus during the challenge earlier. Sage goes on to remove the claw medallion from Sir Gareth's eye patch. But first, she has to confront her mother and tell her that she doesn't want any favors. She can become a knight by her own merit. Sage removes the medallion, breaking the spell. Sir Gareth has no memory of what happened. After being busted, Saffron uses another medallion to turn herself into a bat and fly away. Sir Gareth goes ahead with his plans to expel Sage.

Luckily, Phoenix Squad stands up for Sage and explains to Sir Gareth how she helped save him because she wants to earn knighthood through her own hard work. That's a true knight code, Sir Gareth agrees. Sage is allowed to remain in Knight School.

Sub Plot

Since Sir Gareth is busy with the Sage drama, he gives Fizzwick money to go buy food for Knight School. On his way, Fizzwick runs into the Ogre, Greg who tricks him into giving him all the money in exchange for magic chicken nuggets that would grow into chicken nugget trees. Fizzwick happily falls for it, thinking that he will impress Sir Gareth. He sows the chicken nuggets and starts waiting for them to grow.

At The Tasty Trunk, Buttercup finds Fizzwick frustrated that the chicken nuggets won't grow. She reveals that she has been tricked multiple times by Ogre Greg too. After realizing that he was tricked, Fizzwick gets really mad and gets up, determined to confront the Ogre. Buttercup comes along for support.

When the Ogre refuses to give back Fizzwick's money, Fizzwick challenges him to a duel. During the duel, Fizzwick throws marbles on the ground, causing the Ogre to trip and fall. He wins the duel and takes back his money from the Ogre.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Maria Canals-Barrera as Saffron
  • David Mattey as Ogre Greg



  • The title is a spoof on the words "Parent Conference Night".
  • Sage's mother is the first mother to be seen in Knight Squad.
  • It is shown that Sage gets her acts from her mother, Saffron.
  • Buttercup's other side is seen when finding out Fizzwick was tricked.
  • Fizzwick's age is revealed to be 10 years old.
  • This episode revealed that even though Sage may act evil, she cares about beating Phoenix Squad, fair and square.


I wanna earn knighthood for myself. It'll mean more when I beat these dummies.
— Sage to Saffron
That ogre is about to see a really angry Butt!
— Buttercup
Maybe you need a mustache. People respect you when you have a mustache. Just ask my mom!
— Buttercup to Fizzwick
Aw, man, I have to relabel my underwear.


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