Ryker is the enemy of Astoria. Ryker has his own army and made his first appearance in A Thief in the Knight. He is portrayed by Geno Segers.


He is an evil cold-hearted villain of Astoria. Ryker is in charge of an army. His army is fighting knights and has been trying to get into Astoria by deactivating the force field around it. Ryker's army attacked Arc's village, Seagate.


Centuries earlier, Ryker was the King of Astoria and he ordered and enslaved his people. Wizard Hogancross used his powerful Dragon Blood Crystals to create a force field to banish Ryker. Ryker's army attacked Arc's village, Seagate and vows to make his way into Astoria and conquer it.

When one of the Dragon Crystals goes missing in A Thief in the Knight, the other crystals begin to weaken along with force field keeping Ryker away. With one crystal gone, Ryker is able to appear through a hologram. He threatens the The King and The Princess that he will be on his way to overthrow them and conquer Astoria. Thanks to the weakened force field, Ryker is able to use dark magic to make a portal so his army to come through. If all the five crystals fade out, Ryker would be able to get into Astoria as well.

Ryker's Army led by Commander Ambala passes through the portal and starts attacking Astoria. Ambala gets hold of the Dragon Crystal and informs Ryker that she just has to hold it long enough for the other crystal to die out and then Ryker would be able to cross through. Unfortunately for them, Sir Gareth's Knight School students led by Ciara, Arc and Sage engage them in a battle, during which Arc and Ciara manage to restore the missing crystal, reinforcing the force field once again. Ryker vows to come back and get revenge.

Powers & Abilities

  • Mark Of Ryker: It is stated in Knight & Danger, when smokes comes out of his hands the user he points it at, the smoke at bears the Mark of Ryker.
  • Mind Control: Ryker can generate a dark dust of energy that can give people his seal and are under his control, but the spell can be broken by magical spell-powered crystals.
  • Hologram Projection: As shown in A Thief in the Knight he can project a hologram of himself and see everything.
  • Portal Creation: As shown in the second part of A Thief in the Knight Ryker can create portals that can get big enough for him or his warriors can go through to get to different locations.

Episode Appearances


  • Ryker has been mentioned in multiple episodes along with his army fighting the Knights of Astoria.
  • As of Knight & Danger, he is now in the Henry Danger dimension.
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