Sir Gareth is a main character in Knight Squad. He is in charge of training young knights at Knight School.

Sir Gareth is portrayed by Kelly Perine.


Sir Gareth is a devoted and determined teacher, committed to help his knight students. Despite the many times he's been hurt in battles, he never gives up to train knights of tomorrow. He is a wise leader who helps Arc learn how to regain Ciara's trust.


Sir Gareth works in Knight School to recruit and train young men and women to become knights. He gives them various quests to help them learn how to strategize when danger lurks. He fights alongside other knights in battles for Astoria.

As part of his battles, he has been injured so many times that he even makes jokes on himself, calling himself "Sir Gareth, the offen injured." He lost his golden dagger to a very dangerous goblin. He has an eye patch; his left arm and left butt cheeks have all been replaced with metal.

Season 1

In Opening Knight, Sir Gareth announces that the legendary Knight School is looking to recruit a new student to join the Phoenix Squad. He later helps recruit the new student, Arc into the school. During the next lesson, he teaches them that danger lurks where they least expect it. He is impressed by Arc's skills when he figures out how to defeat the Stone Warrior. He gives Phoenix Squad a chance to select a bonus quest. One of the quest is to retrieve his golden dagger which was taken away from him by the beast. When Ciara kicks Arc out of the squad for lack of trust, Sir Gareth helps him earn Ciara's trust. Sir Gareth is pleased when Phoenix Squad successfully recovers his golden dagger.





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