"Who's crazy for Swayze?"
— Sir Swayze to Everyone

Sir Swayze is a guest character in Season 1 of Knight Squad. He is a knight of Inwood who was kicked out of Knight School for being a slacker.

He is portrayed by Jack Griffo.


Swayze is shown to be lazy and irresponsible which resulted in him being kicked out by Sir Gareth. He's also cowardly as he only survived battle against a mummy by running away and refusing to fight.

Character History


  • Jack Griffo was the third actor of the former Nickelodeon live-action series, The Thundermans to announce his appearance in Knight Squad.
  • The outfit that Sir Swayze wears can be compared to Z-Force Jackets that Max (Jack Griffo) wears in The Thundermans.
  • The Pony tail that Sir Swayze has is fake, his hair is tall and straight.
  • Sir Swayze's quote, "Who's crazy for Swayze" is similar to the The Goldbergs episode, "So Swazye It's Crazy".
  • Sir Swayze mentioned their are five kingdoms when he gave Arc, Ciara, Sage, and Buttercup their shields.
    • Astoria, Seagate, and Inwood are the only 3 that have been mentioned by name.


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