Spitzalot School of Sorcery is a school that trains young witches and wizards to be sorcerers and how to use magic. One of the schools leader is Sorceress Spitzalot who's the person the school is named after.


One Magical Knight

Sorceress Spitzalot came to Knight School to see if any of them can do magic. Spitzalot asked them to perform a spell, which was exevalo, plucky plucky. Since none of them were capable of doing it she went without any students. Later, when she came back, Warwick did magic in public which forces Spitzalot to take Warwick away. The King changes the rule when the princess persuades him.

Do the Knight Thing

Spitzalot returns back to tell Sir Gareth that the Sorcery School has been sent to a lake. Since the school has been sent to the lake, Team Hex moves into the Phoenix Squad Room. Team Hex makes Phoenix Squad's life a misery to the point where they can't share the room. Team Hex and Phoenix Squad compete. Eventually, Phoenix Squad wins and Spitzalot teleports Team Hex away, most likely to the lake.

Known Teams

Team Hex

According to Spitzalot, Team Hex was her best team. Sorceress Spitzalot wasn't aware that they were actually mean and manipulative. It's possible Spitzalot's opinion changed when she discovered they cheated so that they could stay in Phoenix Squad rec room.