Team Hex is a group of students from Spitzalot School of Sorcery in Astoria. It is composed of four of the best students in the school including Sebastian and Violet.


When in Do the Knight Thing a magical mishap causes the Spitzalot School of Sorcery to sink to the bottom of Loogie Lake, Sorceress Spitzalot looks for places for her students to live temporarily. Team Hex is the lucky team that gets brought to Knight School. Spitzalot praises Team Hex for having her star students.

Upon their arrival, Team Hex is introduced to Phoenix Squad by Ciara. However, Sebastian and Violet respond rudely before making fun of each one of the Phoenix Squad members. This leads to an instant rivalry between Team Hex and Phoenix Squad. To make matters worse, Sir Gareth asks Phoenix Squad to share their squad room with Team Hex.

Team Hex takes over the Phoenix Squad room by using magical spells to teleport them out. When Phoenix Squad can't take it anymore, Arc talks Ciara into using The Princess to convince The King to kick Team Hex out. However, it backfires when The King asks Team Hex and Phoenix Squad to compete through a series of three challenges; winner gets to keep the school.

During the competitions, Team Hex cheats by casting spells to make sure Phoenix Squad doesn't win, even with Prudence's giant strength. Team Hex easily wins the first two challenges and are ready to take over Knight School. Luckily, Warwick casts a truth spell on Sebastian, forcing him to reveal that he was cheating.

Sorceress Spitzalot is disappointed in her star team. She teleports them away.



  • Team Hex is made up of four members, two boys and two girls, similar to Knight School squads.
  • So far, they are the only group led by a male.