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The Dork Knight Returns is the fifth episode of Season 1 of Knight Squad and the fifth overall. It first aired on March 17, 2018 to 0.85 million viewers.[1]



Arc's predecessor on the Phoenix Squad returns, bumping Arc to the Kraken Squad while his friends secretly work to get rid of their former partner.[2]

Main Plot

Since Arc joined Phoenix Squad, they still haven't updated the squad portrait to include him. They are now looking for the perfect spot for the portrait. They come by a cave and are ready to have the artist start drawing their portrait. To improve the scenery to Arc's liking, Prudence moves a boulder from the background. Unfortunately, the boulder was blocking the entrance to the infamous Cave of Farts. Despite the smells from the cave, the squad continues with their pose which involves carrying Arc.

Their portrait pose is interrupted when Jimbo appears from the cave. Jimbo is a former member of the Phoenix Squad who disappeared a while back. Phoenix Squad had looked for him for weeks but gave up hope searching and assumed that he had left Knight School to pursue his dream of becoming a baker. It turns out, he got trapped in the cape of farts and has been there for ten months. He's been living there with no one but his shield which he named "Shielda." Ciara, Prudy and Warwick are so excited to see Jimbo again that they drop Arc down.

Back at Knight School, Sir Gareth welcomes Jimbo back into the school and into the Phoenix Squad. Sage reminds them that no squad should be allowed to have more than four members. So, since Jimbo joined Phoenix Squad before Arc, Arc is kicked out of Phoenix Squad. Ciara asks Arc not to do anything crazy while they are trying to figure out a way to kick Jimbo out of the squad or make him quit. So, Ciara, Prudy and Warwick start praising Jimbo for his baking skills hoping that they can convince him to choose baking over Knight School. When Arc sees how well they're treating Jimbo, he becomes jealous.

Sage takes advantage of Arc's jealous and convinces him to join Kraken Squad. Since Kraken Squad is already full with four members, Sage intimidates Kripan to quit the squad, opening a spot for Arc. With Arc on their side, Sage is confident that Kraken Squad will be the best squad in Knight School. Sage and Buttercup dress up in red hooded robes for Arc's initiation ceremony into the Knight Squad. The ritual involves being slapped on the face by an actual kraken. Ciara, Warwick and Prudence are disappointed that Arc has betrayed them to become a Kraken.

After officially joining the Kraken Squad, Arc goes back to the Phoenix Squad's rec room to collect his belongings. He finds Prudy's ribs and starts eating them. When he hears someone coming, he hides. Jimbo enters the rec room talking to his shield, Shielda, telling her about his ultimate revenge against Phoenix Squad. Apparently, Jimbo is still mad at Phoenix Squad because they gave up searching for him. Arc comes out of hiding and confronts him about it. Jimbo then tells Arc that he was going to get revenge on Phoenix Squad by knocking them out with his sleeping sulphur gas that he collected from the Cave of Farts. But now since Arc knows his plan, he uses the gas on him. He takes Arc to the Cave of Farts.

Inside the Cave of Farts, Jimbo reveals that he left a note that would get Phoenix Squad members to come rescue Arc. And when they do, he will leave them trapped inside. Jimbo's plans works. Ciara, Prudence and Warwick enter the cave hoping to rescue Arc. As chaos break out, Jimbo throws his shield around knocking down some rocks. He then runs out before the cave collapses on him.

Trapped, Phoenix Squad start trying to figure out a way out of the Cave of Farts. They suggest using Prudy's super strength but realize that she could cause the rocks to collapse in on them. Ciara comes up with a plan to use the cave's fart pressure to blow them out of the cave. So, Prudy places a huge rock above the center of where the cave farts originate and the squad sits on the rock. Pressure starts building causing it to eventually blow up the rock through the roof of the cave.

Meanwhile, Jimbo returns to Knight School and tells Sir Gareth that Phoenix Squad and their friend Arc have been trapped for good. Sage, not caring about Arc's fate, invites Kripan to rejoin the Kraken Squad. Just about then, Arc and the Phoenix Squad fly in with the rock from the cave. With Arc back, Sage kicks Kripan out out of the Kraken Squad. Arc and Ciara explain to Sir Gareth what Jimbo did to them.

Jimbo is arrested and thrown into the dungeon. Arc takes his spot back in the Phoenix Squad. With Arc back to Phoenix Squad, Sage asks Kripan to rejoin the Kraken Squad.

Sub Plot

Sir Gareth is getting his tooth removed but he keeps beating up the dentists involuntarily with his metallic arm. He tells Fizzwick how he's beaten all the dentists around and that this current dentist is his last hope. He nevertheless goes ahead and beats up the dentist. Fizzwick promises to help Sir Gareth remove the teeth, whether he likes it or not.

Fizzwick tricks Sir Gareth by placing a donut tied to a string on the floor. When Sir Gareth puts the donut in his mouth, Fizzwick pulls the string but unfortunately, Sir Gareth cuts the string. Fizzwick tries a few different things without success. He then catches Sir Gareth off guard by pretending to be quitting his Knight School janitor job only to sneak up on him with a giant pliers. Sir Gareth bites Fizzwick's arm only to realize that he was biting a special glove and he has in fact left the tooth he wanted to remove there. He thanks Fizzwick for helping him.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Special Guest Cast

  • Tenzing Norgay Trainor as Jimbo

Guest Cast

  • Kevin Acevedo as Kripan

International Air Dates

  • UK - June 18, 2018


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  • This was the second episode to have art seen in it. The first was One Magical Knight.
  • Kraken Squad is the second squad that Arc has been in. The first was Phoenix Squad.
  • This was the third episode where somebody gets hit by the books on the bookshelf. The first and second were in A Knight at the Roxbury and Knight in Shining Armor Day.
  • Ciara mentioned when Phoenix Squad were at last place in Opening Knight.
  • Warwick's magical powers are seen again. The first episode featuring his powers were in One Magical Knight.
  • Buttercup's habit of answering questions not directed to her was seen again in this episode when Sir Gareth asks, "Is that you Jimbo?" This behavior was first seen in One Magical Knight when Ciara asked Sage what she did (with Prudy) and Buttercup responded that she met with a beaver who tried to convince her to join the circus.


  • The title is a reference to The Dark Knight Returns.
  • First time someone other than Sage and Buttercup have a name known to the audience in Kraken Squad.
  • It is revealed that Jimbo is Arc's predecessor.
  • Kripan has been seen in multiple episodes but has been uncredited until this episode.
  • The Kraken Squad initiation was seen in this episode.
  • Tenzing Norgay Trainor worked with executive producers John D. Beck and Ron Hart on Liv and Maddie.


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Knight Squad Saturday March 17th Promo

Knight Squad Saturday March 17th Promo


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