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Don't but me. I'm the king of buts!
— The King to The Princess

The King is a recurring character on Knight Squad. He’s the king of Astoria and the father of Ciara and Princess Eliza.

The King is portrayed by Jason Sims-Prewitt.


The King is caring and very protective of his youngest daughter, The Princess. He doesn't let her join Knight School in order to keep her safe. He’s sometimes very dim-witted.


Season 1

Opening Knight

The King arrives in The Princess' room to check on her. When she reminds him of being a knight, he refuses because he wants her to be safe. He also asks her if his new crown makes him look younger.

A Knight at the Roxbury

During the competition, the king arrives to check on his daughter. When Arc distracts The King, he orders his guards to throw him in the dungeon. While this was happening, Ciara transformed back into her princess form and stops him from throwing Arc in the dungeon.

One Magical Knight

He is seen making proclamations in this episode, specifically to help Warwick remain in Knight School instead of magic school due to The Princess' promise to make her s'mores, which he loves.

Tonight, Two Knight

He revives a letter from the Battle Field about Eliza's status. Ciara and Arc (while bound to each other) learn she has a lead on the Armor of Astoria.

End of the Knight, Part 1

Episode Appearances

Season 1

Season 2


Bring me the I'm not crying, you're crying crown!
— The King to the guards


  • He’s like King Halbert in Lego's Nexo Knights as both don't like the idea of their daughters being knights.
    • However Nexo Knights begins after Macy's Training, not during


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