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Tonight, Two Knight is the sixth episode of Season 1 of Knight Squad and the sixth overall. It first aired on March 24, 2018 to 0.97 million viewers.[1]



On the eve of Ciara's sister's return from the battlefield, Sir Gareth binds the feuding Arc and Ciara with "magical friendship bracelets" from which they can only be released by demonstrating sincere kindness toward each other.[2]

Main Plot

After the Gum Festival, Ciara and Arc are tasked with scraping gum off trees and walls. Due to their usual competitiveness, they end up having a gum scrape off to see who can scrape more gum faster. However, Ciara has to leave when The King comes around calling for The Princess. To make sure Arc doesn't beat her in the scrape off, Ciara takes away Arc's ladder, leaving him hanging.

The King reveals that he got a message that The Wolf Platoon (Astoria's army) is returning from battling Ryker's Army. And that means, Ciara's older sister, Princess Eliza is coming home! Ciara is very excited for her sister to come back home because she hasn't seen her in a year.

When Ciara returns to Knight School, Arc is very mad at her because she left him hanging until he eventually fell into a bucket of gum. Sir Gareth overhears the two fighting and tells them that members of the same squad have to be friends. So, in order to teach them a friendship lesson, he binds them with a pair of magical friendship bracelets that keeps them together until they show true friendship towards one another. Arc and Ciara don't want to be stuck together. Prudence tries to break the bracelet with her giant strength but she can't because it's magic. Warwick tries to cast a spell to release the bracelets but it backfires and causes his pants to fall down.

Since Ciara has to be The Princess for her sister's welcome home ceremony, people will know that she is The Princess if she shows up bound to Arc. So, she gets Arc to dress as a duchess. During the ceremony, she introduces Arc as her girl friend, the Duchess of Dooface. They stay close to each other, hiding the magic bracelets.

Unfortunately, Princess Eliza is nowhere to be seen. Instead, a messenger tells The King that Princess Eliza is missing. The King asks The Princess and The Dutchess for some privacy to get the full message. Ciara and Arc hide so that they can eavesdrop to find out what's going on. The messenger gives The King a scroll from Princess Eliza saying that she's abandoned the mission and is never coming back. Both the King and Ciara can't believe that Princess Eliza would abandon the mission like that.

Ciara believes that Princess Eliza was sending a secret message. So, she convinces Arc to work together with her to sneak into the secret room where the scroll is kept in order to look for any hidden message. The room is protected with lasers. Ciara throws coins in to trigger the laser so that she can determine where the safe spots are. She and Arc work together to safely get to the scroll. After reading the scroll, she applies a special liquid on it, revealing hidden message on the scroll. It is a message from Princess Eliza to The Princess (Ciara). Eliza tells her little sister that she's actually on a secret mission. She's located the Armor of Astoria and has gone undercover to retrieve it.

Ciara and Arc are happy that Princess Eliza is okay and still on mission. As they celebrate this and thank each other for their effort in this, the magical friendship bracelets fall off. At that point, they start competing about who showed the strongest friendship skills.

The competition causes the bracelets to rise and come towards them in order to handcuff them together again. So, they run out of the room before the bracelets can reach them.

Sub Plot

Warwick and his little brother, Fizzwick are practicing for the upcoming Pixie Pong tournament. Warwick reveals that he has lost for four years in a row to Sage and Buttercup. But this is his chance. He's got the right partner: Fizzwick. Unfortunately, Fizzwick turns out to be very bad at Pixie Pong.

After noticing how good Prudence is, Warwick wants to partner with Prudy instead of Fizzwick. So, he tricks Fizz to go to a shark jousting festival. Prudy helps Warwick to advance to the finals where they would compete against Sage and Buttercup.

However, Fizzwick returns the last minute and says that he felt bad for abandoning Warwick. He thinks Warwick only only chose Prudy because Fizz abandoned him. So, Warwick is forced to switch partners the last minute to play with his little brother. He is sure to lose to Sage and Buttercup. But then, Fizz reveals that he tricked Buttercup to leave the tournament for the shark jousting festival.

Since Sage doesn't have a partner, Warwick and Fizz win by default.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Emmy Buckner as Pixie
  • Daniel Wolfe as Wolf Captain

Magical Beings

  • Pixie
  • Warlock


  • It was first mentioned that Ciara's sister is out fighting Ryker's Army in Opening Knight. Her name was revealed in this episode to be Princess Eliza.
  • The lost Armor of Astoria was the main focus during the Armor Day celebrations in Knight in Shining Armor Day.
  • Warwick casted the "Exevalo, plucky plucky" magic spell he learned in One Magical Knight.


  • This episode has a couple named Jack and Kira who have been forever bound by a friendship bracelet. This is a reference to Kira Kosarin and Jack Griffo, who are best friends and play the lead twins on The Thundermans. The executive producers of this show were also producers on The Thundermans.
  • This was the 2018 Kids' Choice Awards lead-out, so this episode premiered at 9:30 on that day instead of the usual 8:30 timeslot.
  • It was revealed that Prudence is very good at pixie-pong.


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